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Electrictronic Cigarette / Electronic Cigarette

Electictronic CigaretteElectronic cigarettes, or the electrictronic cigarette, as some call them, are becoming more popular these days. With all of the issues associated with smoking regular cigarettes, and the bans on smoking in public places, it is really no surprise.

Finding one that is high quality that will last is the challenge. Many gas stations and other local stores sell them really cheap, but they often break, or quit working within just a few days.

Many people have told stories about buying one of the cheap ones and then they end up spending a lot of money on replacement parts.

Electrictronic Cigarette Facts

Warranty and Parts

The cheaply made electronic cigarettes usually come with a 3 day warranty. The average cheap electronic cigarettes usually lasts about a week.

The part that is most common to defect is the atomizer. The replacement cost is often times about half of what you paid for the electrictronic cigarette in the first place. Most of time the replacement will not last much longer than the original one. Maybe a week or two.

The cost of refills, and the type of liquid, are also another thing to consider. Usually you have to buy the same type of refills that match your brand. These are also overpriced with the cheap brands. In most cases they cost around $10 to refill, and it lasts only a couple of days.

Over the course of just a couple of weeks, the cheap electronic cigarettes can end up costing you more than if you had just bought regular cigarettes. That defeats one of the main purposes for using the electronic cigarettes in the first place.

The Best Electrictronic Cigarette

The best electrictronic cigarette on the market is Blu. There are many different kinds out there but none come close to the quality, warranty and guarantee. Their starter kits come with every thing you need to try out the full electronic cigarette experience without any risks.

Every starter kit comes with;

  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 2 Re-chargers ( Wall Charger and USB Charger )
  • Cool Looking Pack That Is Also A Charger
  • 5-Pack Flavor Cartridges
  • Choice of Black or White Pack
  • Blue Light At The End

If you want the full electrictronic cigarette, or electronic cigarette experience, then do not settle with the cheaply made brands. Get one that is high quality, and the one that comes with a full guaranty and warranty.

Blu has the best warranty and guarantee on the market!
You can’t go wrong with Blu!

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