Understanding Relationships

We all know that relationships take a lot of work to keep healthy. It is a daily challenge to handle our relationships with love and understanding. It does not matter who it is, there will be disagreements at times over different things and there is just no way around that.

It is not the fighting that makes a relationship strong but it is the way the two people handle it. It is healthy to have disagreements as long as we treat each other with love and respect. We must realize that whenever two people are together for a long time that there will be some strife at some point.

So learning how to deal with our differences is the most important thing we can do. It does not matter if we are just starting to date, or if we have been married for years and years. People are people, and have their own set of feelings. This is why we must treat them with love and respect.

Healthy Relationships

To have a healthy relationship it takes work. It does not matter how long a couple has been together, whether they are married or not, or if there are kids involved. It takes understanding of both people to make it last. Selfishness is the killer of all relationships.

There is a misconception that relationships are 50/50. This is simply not true. It takes 100% effort from both to make it work. A mutual respect and an understanding of each others needs is what it will take. Too many people throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. They miss out on the benefits of a healthy relationship because it is easier to walk away then to fight to keep the relationship alive. Often they end up regretting this decision for the rest of their lives, and are left wishing they had fought a little harder to keep it going.

Hang In There

You can make it if it means enough to you. Learn what your partner needs and then go about trying to provide that for them. Love can conquer all. If you have a relationship that is going through rough times, look at yourself and determine if you are giving your partner what they need. Do not focus on your own needs. Through the act of giving, you will receive. Find out what your love needs, and start giving it to them. This will begin a healing process and will bring love back to both of you.

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