Bra Size Guide

Victoria’s Secret Bra Size Chart

Find out how to determine what your bra size is by following the instructions below.

Begin by wearing a non padded bra, and use a soft tape measure to obtain all of your measurements.

How To Measure Bra Band Size

  1. Measure around your ribcage, across the back where your bra band normally sits, and around to the front directly above the bust.
  2. If your measurement size is an odd number, round down to an even number.

How To Measure Bra Bust Size

  1. Measure completely around the bust at the fullest point and level with the nipple.
  2. Round up for half inch measurements.

How To Measure Bra Cup Size

  1. Subtract the band measurement from bust measurement.
  2. The difference between these two measurements equal your cup size.

Example: If your band size is 34 inches, and your bust measurement is 35 inches, the difference is 1 inch. So, you would wear an “A” cup.


Bra Cup Size Chart

victoria secret bra size chart


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Bra Size Chart – Victoria’s Secret Bra Size Chart