What To Say To Get A Girl Back

Do You Know What To Say
To Get A Girl Back?

Have you tried everything you can think of?

It’s okay! Most of us just haven’t ever been taught what it takes to get a girl back by using the right words.

Most of us have tried things that don’t get a girl back, like;

  • Why don’t you ever…..
  • Why do you always…..
  • You are such a !@#&
  • You are so……

Don’t ever use one of these to start your sentence with a girl, they do not work.


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The Best Words To Say To Get A Girl Back

I have been married for over 20 years and it is not always a smooth ride. But once I figured out that women are emotional minded first and need to talk and be validated, it made things a lot easier. In fact, you can even use these in any new situations to head off any future problems before they happen.

The greatest thing is that you don’t even have to know what she is really talking about. Use one of these and you are on easy street.

How easy is that?

Here is a list of some of the best things to say to a girl when she is upset;

For Apologies

  1. I can see how I made you feel that way, and I am very sorry.
  2. I am very sorry for making you feel that way. I understand why you would have those feelings and in the future I will be more aware of how it makes you feel.

General Use

  1. Rule #1 – Never ever offer a solution to their problem. Instead, ask them what they plan to do and how they feel about the situation.
  2. Then reply with the magic words, “I understand how you would feel that way”.
  3. When in doubt always use, “I understand how you would feel that way”.

* Come back and leave a comment below about how one of these helped you!


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Things to Say to Get a Girl Back – What to Say to Get a Girl Back