Learn How Get A Domain Name

Learn To How To Get A Domain Name

Learning how to get a domain name sounds more complicated than it is. It really is quite simple. The hardest part is deciding what name to choose.

Choosing A Domain Name

The name you choose can depend on several factors. What is the purpose of the site? Is it to make money, for your hobby, or a blog site? If it is for your local store, or business, then you should get two domain names.

For A Business

First, you want to get a domain name that is the name of your company or business.

Second, you want a domain name that contains keywords for your products and services. If you are a local company, then having your location in there is even better. For example, if you are a Plumber in Rowlett Texas, then a good name for your domain name would be; plumberinrowlett.com. This allows you to rank easier for your key services and service area.

Why two domains? The domain name with your business name in it will be forwarded to your main domain. This way, anyone who tries to find you by putting your company name into their address bar will be redirected to the main domain automatically. This allows people who do not know you, and the people who do, to find you easily.

Checking and Purchasing the Domain Name

Once you decide on a name, you can go to a Registrar Site to check the availability of the name you have chosen. You type in the name and choose the type of site you want. You could get a .net, .org, or many other types but the best one is .com. If the name is available, then you are given the opportunity to purchase it. This will run you around $11 per year.

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Set Up Web Hosting Account

Next, you will need to get web hosting for your site. This service is often available at the site you purchased the domain name from. There are a lot of these companies out there that are not very reliable with their services. So, if you decide not to go with Skinny Horse Web Hosting, be careful who you choose.

Web Hosting is another service we offer our customers. We offer great web hosting packages at great prices. If you are a local business, then you will want to go with the Business Horse Plan. It offers all of the space and bandwidth you will need.

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Other Reasons for a Website

If you are planning to start a business site so you can make some money, then you should look into Internet Marketing. You will need to know how to get your name and product out there. I know where you can get a great Internet Marketing Starter Course for free. It is a step by step instruction manual. It shows you how to get started with no money.

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Learn How To Get A Domain Name